Our history

Inspirational quotes on organic clothing.

The adventure of the Toulouse brand Cite Moi began in 2019 with a dream, to create a clothing brand that looks like me and brings people together. It is following the meeting of several universes: associative life, sport, studies, entrepreneurship and after having discovered personal development through books and videos.

We often talk about the impact of visualization on motivation and state of mind. That's why I had the idea to share an inspiring message through the clothes we wear.

"Proudly display your personality!"

Many writers, poets and other personalities such as Victor Hugo, Gandhi, Oscar Wilde… have marked history with their words. Quotations that still resonate today and it is our duty to bring them to life in style.

Crowdfunding on ulule in 2020 made it possible to participate in the production of the first collection and subsequently the launch of the online store.

Find the right balance between a reasonable price and a reasoned production.

A collection of T-shirts and Sweatshirts for women and men in organic cotton!

Quality and stylish Tote bags and Caps .

It is important for us to offer quality products, respectful of our health and the environment to participate in a more responsible fashion.

This is why all our textiles are certified and guarantee the purity of organic cotton (Organic 100), the presence and quantity of recycled materials (RCS), that there are no animal products in the clothes and no substance harmful to people and the environment (Vegan – Oeko-Tex).

A bioplastic packaging, compostable, a recycled label, no superfluous paper inside your package, just the essentials.

"Give meaning to your clothes"

Mathieu Barrière - Founder of the Cite Moi brand